Main poker terms: knowing these will facilitate your game play

Do you love to play online player? At Bandarqq you get the chance to play online poker. But, are you well-aware of the primary poker terms? Check-out the list below, and start playing online now.


Poker tournaments require a registration fee paid before they start. After players have paid that amount, they receive an equivalent in chips. The player can only leave the table when he is eliminated or if he wins the tournament. At the end, each player receives a prize amount based on their final placement.

Cash games

The cash game mode offers online poker player flexibility. It is upon the player that how many chips they want to occupy. The players can start playing poker with a various number of chips. In addition, the blinds are fixed and the player can leave the table at any time.


The pot is made up of all the chips that were put into play in that hand. In the beginning, he only counts on the blinds and before, but as the hand progresses it grows depending on how much is bet by the players.


The ante is the minimum bet paid by all players to enter the hand. The ante is more common in tournaments than cash games, and they aim to inflate the pot right away. This makes the pot more attractive and motivates players to be more active at the table.

Call / Raise / Fold / Check

The call, raise, fold and check are the four possible actions that a player can take. The call means that the player chooses to just call the previous bet. The raise means that the player wants to raise the previous bet, while the fold represents the player’s fold in the respective hand. The check, on the other hand, is the famous “pass the turn” action, and can only be triggered when there are no previous bets in that round.

Big Blind and Small Blind

The big blind and small blind are mandatory bets paid by the two players to the left of the button. The first player on the left is the small blind, while the second is the big blind. The big blind is usually twice the small blind.


Are you kind of a player love to deceive your opponent? Well, “bluffing” is for you. It is made in two ways. You can pretend to have a stronger hand than your opponent, which is not in reality. However, you can also do the opposite.

Burn Card

Burn cards are cards discarded prior to the distribution of community cards. The discarded card is practically always the top card. This action occurs three times during each hand: pre-flop, after the flop and after the turn.

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