The 10 Obvious Signs Of A Bogus Betting Site

Everyday numerous websites are created globally which has a creation rate of 252,000 per day. This drastic increase only shows that internet technology has developed so much in the past years to serve various sectors. Hence, there are over 1.86 billion websites that currently exist in cyberspace which are accessible to 8.2 million web servers.

Cyber Security Faces Challenges

Due to the abrupt development of websites, their activities are not monitored individually by an official organization.  As a result, some of them were operating with ill intent—to deceive people. For this reason, people should be cautious in their internet usage specificallyin navigating different websites. According to the latest data, most cybercrimes are related to hacking. The most frequent victim of hacking isthe entertainment and public sectors that deal with money transactions. For example, banks and businesses (eCommerce). Cybercrimes vary in form, approach, attack rate, and damage scale. Because of these, it leaves a lot of people anxious about their cyber security.Hence, the government in different countries outlined laws and have taken some initiatives to combat these illegal betting sites. But the most powerful solution to avoid being a cybercrime victim is BASIC CYBER KNOWLEDGE.

Criteria for a Legit Betting Site

Since it is mentioned that the entertainment industry receives most of these attacks, which could surmount to 7,065 reported cyber security incidents globally in the year 2020, it is better to know the following criteria of a legit site particularly the betting ones:

  1. It has a padlock icon before the URL.
  2. The scheme protocol of the URL should start with https://. Yes, it should have an “s” on the last part because it signifies a “secure connection” which only means it is protected by a TSL/SSL encryption.
  3. The domain name must be spelled correctly. A website that impersonates a known site will alter the name of the original siteconvincingly. For example, So if you are not keen on observing, you will be misled easily by it.
  4. It should not contain any broken links.
  5. The site should be understandable and is free of grammatical errors may it be in English or native language.
  6. The site should have a physical counterpart like a mortar-and-brick casino and must be acknowledged by The International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR). This kind of setup will give the clients the right to file a lawsuit against the owner who is proven to have neglected their job in ensuring their clients’ rights in the game like the withdrawal of winnings.
  7. The game should be bug-free with 24/7 customer support service.
  8. The game’s policies must be clearly stated.
  9. The owner of the website must be properly addressedon the site’s page.
  10. Both the deposit and withdrawal options must be quick to manage.

If the site has all these qualities, then it only means that its operations are legal. Also, your interaction with itis safe and secure. So, always be vigilant in playing games online particularly if it involves money because cybercriminals nowadays are getting sophisticated with their cyber breaching moves.

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