The Meaning of Selling or Buying Points in Sports Betting

A typical bettor does not buy or sell points while betting on sports. It is thought of as parlays with altered point spreads. This article tells you more about buying and selling points, and when to do it.

What Do You Mean By Buying Points?

Buying points, also called teasing implies that you sacrifice odds to obtain a more favourable spread. When deciding to sell or buy points, a sportsbook should shop for both juices and lines to avoid the commonly used “line shading” techniques.

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What Do You Mean By Selling Points?

Selling points is equivalent to purchasing points. In place of sacrificing odds to obtain a favourable spread, you sacrifice a spread to obtain more favourable juice or odds.

Buying Point Vs Selling Point: Which One to Choose?

The choice regarding when to sell or buy points depends on what a sports bettor believes to be a favourable spread. Juices and Shopping lines are other important factors to decide whether to go with selling or buying points.

This tool is used mainly for NBA and NFL betting. To use any of these strategies, bookies are required to have accounts at several sportsbooks to maximize their returns on selling or buying of a single-game point. Some books also permit multi-sport teasers as when used wisely, they turn out to be a very profitable proposition.


Teasers and Pleasers can be beneficial when selected wisely. When given a choice to choose between the two, buying a point is a popular method whereas selling a point turns out to be a lucrative process. It helps you spot lines with numerous points of value.

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